Apple approved an iPhone app from SugarSugar, which will connect nearby singles interested in the “Sugar Lifestyle.”

What the heck is a “sugar” lifestyle. I’m glad you asked. According to the site –, it’s “for generous men looking to spoil, and dynamic women looking for financial support with bills, or who just need some excitement in life!” Ah., OK, prostitution in other words. Or, I suppose you could look it as a try-out system for would-be mistresses.

sugarsugar App

sugarsugar App

There’s nothing new about the world’s oldest profession being online. Sure, over-zealous prosecutors managed to chase Craigslist out of the adult services business. So what? I see that another online classified ad site, Backpage, is now offering adult services ads. Anyone want to bet me that if Backpage is hammered in the same way Craigslist was there will be yet another online general purpose ad site with adult services ads up and running before the day is out?

And, of course, there’s AshleyMadison, the infamous or well-known depending on how you look at it, site for married people to find others to have affairs with. Yes, there is an app for AshleyMadison.

But, to the best of my knowledge there’s never been an app. for escorts before. The company claims that “The new, location-based app is designed to provide Sugar Daddies and Sugar Babies with a quick, effective and discreet way to locate one another as they go about their every-day lives.”

Boy, doesn’t that put everyone’s worries about Apple’s Locationgate mess into a whole new light! Congress, given the record of politicians and women of negotiable virtue should pay particular attention.

The company claims that “The SugarSugar Dating App will be available for download on June 1st through and iTunes, and will be compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, iPad, Android, and BlackBerry devices. The app will use GPS technology to instantly identify those seeking ‘mutually beneficial’ arrangements within the user’s vicinity. After ‘checking in, the application will map out the profiles of nearby members. Users will be able to trade stats, show photos or send messages to arrange an effortless rendezvous.”

I should have seen this coming. Location-based software plus smartphone plus lust equals this application. And, all the efforts of police, outraged prosecutors seeking election to a higher office, and even Apple won’t be able to stop it.

In spite of its generally uptight and arbitrary app-approval process, Apple has given the go-ahead to a new iPhone app designed to connect sugar daddies escort with the women who love their money them. SugarSugar, which features the insanely straightforward tagline “Where Romance Meets Finance” and bills itself as “the world’s most effective and discreet place for finding Sugar Daddy and Sugar Baby relationships,” will soon launch the “Sugar Lifestyle” app, essentially allowing sex to be purchased from the comfort of an iPhone.

In case it’s still not clear what the point of the app is, the sugar daddies’ names feature a handy dollar-sign graphic next to them. They really have thought of everything! Now excuse me while I find a nice, lonely older man to supplement my blogging income.

According to SugarSugar, that means “generous men looking to spoil, and dynamic women looking for financial support with bills, or who just need some excitement in life!”

Yikes. Sounds more like an “escort service” to us.

We’re not sure how or why Apple approved the app, but it launched June 1.


I jokingly say that everything I learned about social media marketing I learned from being a sex worker, but it’s not altogether untrue.

I’m going to start out here with a disclaimer- I’m kind of a tech-y person, a bit of a geek- I spend a lot of time on my smartphone or my tablet. I began my social media marketing really with blogging, years ago, before Twitter had even kicked off. Now the adult industry has taken to social media fairly easily, with sex workers of all sorts using various platforms to reach out through the internet. From tweeting about recent porn shoots or clients to instagramming saucy photos, the DIY marketing possibilities aren’t lost on many- and with the loss of Craigslist’s adult services, any free potential advertising platform isn’t bad either.



However, we’re discovering many of these platforms aren’t without their share of problems. Facebook censors nudity, albeit often haphazardly, and could suspend or even delete your profile for even a suspicious looking elbow. Instagram frowns upon breasts and bums (enjoy a list of banned hashtags), and genitalia will likely get your profile shut down with no possibility of a reprieve. Vine’s censored porn too, along with violence and medical procedures (so no zit popping Vines, sorry everyone). Twitter’s mobile app will censor “sensitive” material for you by default, bless them. I live in desperate prayer that if I’m to live in a breastless world that this sort of censorship policy would at least be as firm about misogyny, racism, and cissexism in comments sections, but let’s be honest, that’ll never happen.

Then we had the rash of censorship around blogging platforms. Let’s start with Google’s Blogger, who in late June sent out emails telling those using their service that if they had an “adult” blog (“adult” being a term undefined by the content policy, mind), it would be deleted in 3 days if they were found to be “displaying advertisements to adult websites”. This could mean a sex toy reviewer who had affiliate links. It could mean someone who reviewed softcore pornography and linked back to the sites (often a requirement for reviews). It certainly meant any sex worker who had porn, lingerie or sex toy affiliate links. For many sex workers, while affiliate links might offer an extra way to earn some cash on the side it was mainly a place to draw attention to other places they worked, like on a cam site or a phone sex line. It was a safe, free, and self-hosted place to advertise where they could decide on their own representation and their own terminology, and Google took that away.

WordPress, of course, had already banned the practice of self-monetization, so that wasn’t a safe option either. Neither was Tumblr, but a lot of people had already created Tumblr accounts as a supplement to their blogs, so they worked with that as an alternative. Which was fine, because Tumblr was pretty much known to be for porn. Since sex workers could post photos on Tumblr and then link to those photos on Twitter to Facebook (no previews though!), too, it was a good multi-platform way to reach out.

Then Tumblr in mid July decided to crack down on adult blogs as well, removing them from tagged searches both internally and through Google, Ask, AOL, Baidu, Bing and Yahoo:

“The only way to find a post from a blog marked adult – or to find and discover adult blogs – is to receive the link directly, such as if another user reblogs a post, you are already following the blog, or you are sent a direct link.”
Violet Blue, Adult Tumblr blogs now removed from every form of search possible, July 19 2013

This not only hit blogs where the user tagged their blog as NSFW, but also blogs that Tumblr had deemed adult… including LGBT content. A few days and a giant outcry later Tumblr quietly restored adult content’s indexing to their blogs, combining the “adult” and “nsfw” tags into one. Unlike Blogger, at least, it seems that Tumblr is listening to its user base. But for how long?

(As an aside, after trying to prevent anyone from searching for porn, a recent technical error had Tumblr posting random porn on various blogs accidentally with no way to remove the posts… oh sweet irony.)

Now at first, all of this sounds kind of shitty, but not terribly serious. I mean, ok, so a Twitter account gets shut down, or a Tumblr account, but whatever, you can just start a new one, right? Except one big issue is that for many people, and sex workers in particular, your name is your brand, and how people find you. For me, for example, my Facebook and Twitter are both under the username kittystryker. Since I was booted off Instagram for a nipple (before Instagram was particularly clear about that not being ok), I lost the name kittystryker, and had to reopen an account as missstryker. This makes it more difficult for potential fans or clients to find or engage with me there, and interrupts my brand identity- thus censorship can cause issues for sex workers who are trying to navigate the tricky waters of attracting and appealing to followers while also not getting the banhammer.

Not only can it be just a simple issue of branding, but a more serious issue of slutshaming or even legal/professional consequences. Whether you decide to pair your legal name with your online persona, or someone vengeful does (a family member, an ex, PornWikileaks), the combination of your sex work or even just explicit blog with your legal name has been known to have real life consequences. Zoe Margolis was hounded by the press until her identity was revealed, and she subsequently lost her job. Kendra Holliday found herself sued for custody of her children. These are older stories, but they do keep happening, often to sex workers who become outed. Sometimes we self censor, afraid of these consequences, afraid we might be forever branded, and it’s a real concern. And yet as our options online become more and more limited, we have less room to move.

As a sex worker who has made part of her living off of having a blog, I think a lot about sex work and blogging and this censorship trend. It worries me, especially because I think it’s only getting more serious. I think about the UK’s ISP filtering plan, which plans to automatically filter not just pornography (the initial stated goal), or violent material, but file-sharing sites, sites about alcohol or smoking, esoteric material (?), web forums (???), and web blocking circumvention tools like Tor. In order to access these things, you’ll have to register to opt in, which if it’s anything like opting in to get over 18 material on your mobile phone, means going into a shop in person, giving them your id and telling them you want to see this material. I can imagine this being problematic in multiple ways- why not have people opt into the filter, rather than forcing them to opt out?

Or for another example I can look as close as California, where we’reconsidering a law to make “revenge porn” illegal. This law would make it a crime to post photos of anyone in a state of full or partial undress, even if taken consensually, if the intent is to humiliate or cause emotional distress. On the surface, this sounds like a worthy goal. Internet bullying is awful and it’s good for it to be taken seriously. Unfortunately, similarly to the ISP filtering, it doesn’t seem like the law is entirely about revenge porn- it’s now beenamended further to outlaw cruising, cover an incredibly wide definition of prostitution, and outlaw a lot of consensual pornography as well. As a blogger, if you have a photo set of you with an ex lover on a porn set using a sex toy and you use photos from that for a review, can that possibly get wrapped up in these laws? It’s kind of hard to tell, because the language, as it is with pretty much all these guidelines, and so many guidelines and laws around sexual material and behaviour, are pretty arbitrary.

All these grey areas make it difficult to know how to work legally. What’s the best place to start to probably be safe? Well, I recommend any sex worker who blogs, whether you have a blog that focuses on personal written content, on flirty confessionals, or on image/video clip content that works as extra advertising, to take the jump and self-host. Really it’s the best thing to do to make sure that you don’t wake up one day and your blog has disappeared, plus it gives you a lot more options around how it looks and what you can do with it. My self-hosted WordPress, which Ned Mayhem of Meet the Mayhems designed and graciously runs for me (because he’s amazing), manages to work as a personal site, advertising for services, a blog, a gallery, and, if I wanted to, could host video content as well. It looks a lot more professional, too, and comes up first when you search my name in Google.


If you’re just starting out, I recommend self-hosting a WordPress for NY escort service. If you aren’t, I recommend transferring to a self-hosted WordPress. In my experience they’re the most user-friendly and the possibilities are the most expandable without getting too complicated.

HeyEpiphora wrote a really great piece that spells out all the various concerns- her piece is mainly pointed at sex toy reviewers, but sex workers, particularly ones who may work in some area of the porn industry, may also find it useful.

Dreamhost offers some really easy instructions on how to transfer your Blogger to a WordPress, and one-click WordPress installation, plus they’ve said they’re sex positive and reached out during the Great Blogger Purge.

HostGator is another possibility that makes it pretty easy for you to transfer your blog over if you have a Google Blogger. You might still be able to use the code HEYEPIPHORA for 25% off!

I think the walls might be closing in on the internet being for porn and sex workers. So back up everything. Self host. And never take any platform for granted, because you never know when it might stab you in the back.


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mischeivous grin

As Julia was outside at the table going through her medical records, she noticed that there was some building going on up the street. The only one she could see was the brick layer – he was making a lot of noise with his big power saw- cutting the bricks. Not really interested in him from the way he looked the best she could tell, she returned to her work and was hopeful that the noise would stop soon from the saw as she could barely hear her own music.
The noise did stop and she was quite pleased. Then she looked up and she saw the bricky walking through her fence gate. He told her he was very very sorry that his big saw was so loud and noticed that she had turned up the music to compensate for the noise. She accepted the apology and she said that he looked really hot and sweaty so she invited him to join her for an iced tea – which he quickly accepted. Since she was not expecting company to come over he got a full view of her in her skimpy bikini she was wearing working by the pool trying to get some sun. Her supple ample breasts were starting to get red from the sun and he mentioned this to her as he obviously couldn’t help but stare at her breasts which were barely covered by her top. She said oh I see you like my breasts because you keep staring at them and I think you are right I better put some lotion on them so she got up and went inside to find the sun tan lotion. She came back out and asked him if he would like to give her a hand with the lotion and he quickly got up and volunteered to help her apply the lotion – everywhere on her glistening body – and said it would take two hands to do the job right. As he was applying the lotion, she noticed a tent start to pop up in his pants and Julia being Julia asked him if it would be better if her top was off for him to apply the lotion to her to make sure it got everywhere so she wouldn’t burn. He readily agreed it would be and Julia being Julia slipped off her top freeing her ample breasts. He slowly and gently applied the lotion to her bare chest rubbing it all over and over and paying special attention to her ample breasts using both his hands to massage it in and all the while Julia noticed the tent was getting bigger and bigger in his pants as he kept rubbing her breasts with the lotion. To Julia’s surprise she started to get aroused with his lotion application process and her nipples grew harder and harder as he kept applying the lotion to her breasts. She then had to see what was making that tent in his pants and went in for the touch. He did not resist her move and Julia found him to be rock hard. So Julia being Julia unzipped his pants and let his member fly free. She was pleasantly surprised as it was a pretty good size, almost 6 inches long and was hard as a rock by now, but not nearly the length or the diameter of her husband’s big long magnificent dick that had spoiled her but she thought oh well this one is here right now and will have to do for now. By this time the bricky had replaced his hands on her breasts with his mouth and had started sucking and caressing her well oiled up big breasts and nibbling on her hard nipples and – Julia being Julia had not stopped him at all – so he got even more bold and he carefully slipped his one hand into her bikini bottom finding her wet pink pussy. Julia being Julia offered no resistance to this and he then began to gently stroke her wet pussy and this got her even more aroused. She wanted more than his fingers to make her cum and told him to go down and lick her wet pink pussy since he had gotten her so aroused – which he happily obliged her. She was laying on the lounge chair by now – totally naked and getting her pussy eaten out with long slow licks and his fingers probing her wet pussy. She was loving all this attention but Julia being Julia wanted more. She wanted to feel his hard member inside her so she stopped him and told him to sit in the chair on the patio because she wanted to fuck him and feel his hard member inside her. He immediately sat down in the chair and Julie proceeded to sit on top of him and bounce up and down on his hard member – front ways for a while as he kept sucking on her bouncing big breasts – then when she felt he couldn’t take it any more without exploding she stopped and turned around to give him a different feel inside of her in the hopes he wouldn’t explode just yet and it worked and she rode him up and down from the back and all the while he reached around and fondled her bouncing big boobs as they bounded up and down. After a short while she she felt his member get really hard inside her and figured he just couldn’t hold it any longer – so she stopped and climbed on to the lounge chair – pulling his head into her pink warm wet pussy – where he continued to slowly lick and probe her wet pussy – she couldn’t take it much longer and finally came- her juices flowing all over his face and down onto the lounge chair. Out of breath but ready to finish him off after he had made her cum – she began to suck his member to get him hard again and when he got really hard again and she felt his balls got hard too and knew he was on the brink of cumming – she cleverly pulled him inside of her until he exploded – it looked like white frosting.
He composed himself and said he had to get back to work, but would check in on her tomorrow if she wanted and make sure the saw wasn’t too loud for her if that was okay with her ..Julia just looked at him with a mischeivous grin and said ….


Talking Fundraising

Julia was asked to help the BOYS team do a little fundraising for an upcoming tournament. So she called up her contact at the usual place where she gets her fundraising materials and asked for Sheila. Much to her dismay, Sheila was no longer working there, but, they said they could send her replacement, Dick. Reluctantly, Julia agreed to meet Dick at the restaurant to discuss the new fundraising event.

When she got to the restaurant, Dick was already seated, and Julia was lead to his table. Expecting to see a young 20 something, nerdy boy, she was quite surprised to find a 50ish man that was quite good looking. With her interest now peaked, she sat down for a conversation with Dick. They talked fundraising and Julia wanted to show him an item that she had – at her home. So they traveled to her house and she got the fundraising item out and they discussed it some more.

While they talked, Julia could see that Dick was eyeing her up quite a bit and not only was he talking fundraising, he was RAISING his own member UP just looking at her. Julia saw that his pants had a pup tent growing, so she went up to him and loosened his fly to let his dick expand even more. Eyeing him up Julia could see she was staring at about 6 inches of throbbing pleasure. Not quite what she was used to, but it would do for now. Dick didn’t seem to mind when she began caressing his member with first her fingers, then with her mouth. He stood there not knowing what hit him, and feeling like he had hit the jackpot! Julia led him to the couch and laid him down where she could do a more proper blow job for him – but not letting him CUM just yet. She sucked on the purple headed soldier and heard him moaning and brought him to the brink of cumming, when she would stop and tease him some more. She was caressing his nut sac and her fingers circled his bottom, finding there way into his bottom, which made him more even more excited. Feeling that she had better get in on the fun while she could, she quickly undressed and sat on top of his throbbing member, first front ways, then backwards – all the while bouncing up and down. His hands were all over her ample boobs as they were bouncing and he tried to suck them too, when they were facing him. She slowed down and dismounted him and laid back on the floor, while guiding his head into her pussy. He slowly ate her out, not as well as her husband, but a good eating out none the less. He probed all her holes with his fingers and slowly sucked on her clit and licked her until the came her juices flowing down his face. Barely able to contain himself, he quickly mounted her from the front and pumped only a few times before he exploded inside her. When they had both caught their breath, they got dressed and resumed their talk about fundRAISING, with a mischievous smile on their faces.