Gent about Town

This weekend saw the heavens royally open. The torrential down pour may have been greeted with dismay by many, but the break in humidity was needed. We all know that Spring brings showers, and with March breaking us in with a heavy drizzle, we should make sure we’re prepared.

When the weather turns a little dull, it’s important to keep that spring in your step. Don’t feel the need to don jeans and trainers (unless this is you preferred attire), you can still dress dapper and stay protected from the elements. We covered the topic back in the autumn/winter, so you should all be aware of how to maintain your style when the seasons change. All you need this spring time to keep you sheltered from the storms are a good, sturdy pair of shoes, a protective coat, such as a mac and an umbrella. Since umbrella’s will be the must-have accessories, it’s good to invest in one that won’t fall apart after one outing.

Remember, the item that shall be protecting you from the showers, will also be seen as a fashion accessories. Yes, it is there to serve a purpose, but gentlemen, don’t you want to make a statement? Umbrella fashion may seem silly, but our escorts London are pretty adamant that it is key to your overall look. Laugh, you may, but a cheap one doesn’t do the job anyway, so why not invest in a sturdy yet stylish umbrella?

Some of you may be able to spend a little more on your investment, whereas others may have to stick to a budget. For those flash with their cash, Burberry, Harrods and other designer can offer you a stylish yet smart choice that can be a little costly. Consider these as protection that will continue to protect your investment, as they will be well made and have longevity.

Marks and Spencer and other stores offer the perfect remedy for cost and quality. When your at the mercy of wet weather it’s best to be prepared. Although a compact brolly provides function and practicality, they are sometimes not the most stylish or reliable. Why not opt for a crook handled umbrella, for the gent about town look. Strolling along with one of these will not only make you appear smart and sophisticated but will keep you prepared for when the heavens open.

Living in the Fast Lane

New York is filled with young men who enjoy a fast paced carefree lifestyle. There are so many baby faced men straight out of University who have landed their dream New York job that pays them more money than they know what to do with. You may think that we breed them like that. Their lifestyle is all about doing now worry about it later. They are too young to settle down but not too young to live life to the full and enjoy their bachelor status to the maximum. These men want to party and have very little need for sleep and New York is the perfect place in which to do that. These men are attractive and most likely have women throwing themselves at them but for them they enjoy the thrill of the chase and that little bit of danger.
Hiring an Escort is the perfect way for young men to have the no strings fun they are looking for with some of New York’s most beautiful women who really know how to show them a good time. Of course as you would expect New York has many fabulous places to go to, for young, hip, trendy fun, it can be difficult to know where to start. Here is my perfect guide for a young man in his prime with his New York Escort.
First stop for any cool young wealthy man with a Latin Escort has got to be Nobu Berkeley Restaurant. Here you can enjoy a gorgeous exotic meal of sushi and champagne. The decor is so cool in the restaurant that you and your Latin Escort will not want to leave. After your meal why not head into the bar area which has more of a cool club vibe for more champagne and showing off to the best of your ability. Your Latin escort will be suitably impressed and will enjoy the relaxed fun vibe. Soon you will be ready to get your dancing shoes on so I recommend heading to the ultimate in cool Paper Club. You and your Latin escort will have to be dressed to impress to get in but when you do you will not be disappointed. This is a club that you can really let your hair down and make the most of the luxurious decor. The music is cool and the DJ’s will make sure that everyone is up on their feet having the time of their lives.
For the ultimate young person’s guide to hiring an Escort and living in the New York fast lane you simple have to hire a Couple Escorts and take them to Stringfellows. This strip club can only be described as blingtastic and decadent with some of New York’s most gorgeous men and women working the poles and showing off to their very best well trained ability. You and your Couple Escorts will have the time of your lives that will continue into the small hours of the morning. For even more fun take your Couple Escorts back to your own private suite at the very hip and trendy Soho Hotel for a night to be remembered.

Westminster Adventure

New York is such a huge city that visitors and residents alike can often get confused and overwhelmed by the amount of attractions on offer. Hiring an Escort is all about being in control and knowing exactly what you want to do so it is wise to be fully prepared and have a definite schedule to help you impress your chosen Escort.
If you choose to hire a Mayfair Escort for just one evening you should expect her to be high class and she will be expecting the best from you as a host. The best way to impress her will be by first booking a suite at the Park lane Hilton. The Hotel is large and is situated in one of New York’s tallest buildings making it a discreet venue in which to bring a Mayfair Escort. This hotel is so big you really do not have to leave at all as you will have all you could possibly wish for right there. Try to book one of the top floor suites that offer amazing panoramic views over the whole of New York. You will feel like you have died and gone to heaven. While you are there enjoy a few drinks and a 5* meal at the hotels own restaurant and bar Galvin at Windows. Galvin’s occupy’s the whole of the 28th floor of the tower block and has a terrace right around one side of the restaurant for you to share a romantic moment with your Mayfair Escort.
When you are called to the Westminster area of New York on business and would like some company out of the office why not hire a Westminster Escort. She will not disappoint and you are sure to have lots of fun. One of the best ways to entertain an Escort in the Westminster area is by starting your evening in the lobby bar of the Buckingham Gate Hotel. The service is spectacular at this traditional hotel with the emphasis always on you and your Westminster Escort. After your introductory glass of champagne and you and your Westminster Escort are getting to know each other I would suggest booking a table at the Quillon restaurant for luxury and fine dining at its very best. The Quillon was awarded a Michelin star in 2008 and has since continued to get better and better. Your Westminster escort will be suitably impressed. After dinner I would suggest a romantic evening stroll around nearby Green Park where you can take in the sights of Buckingham Palace. This will give you more time to get to know your Westminster Escort and any awkwardness will soon disappear. After your stroll head back to the hotel and relax in the Bank Westminster Bar. I would recommend ordering a bottle of fine champagne before heading back to your spectacular suite to enjoy some more private fun. Your Westminster Escort will love your suite with all the luxurious fittings and sumptuous four poster bed. She may even like to take a bath and relax in the huge bathroom suite complete with bath tub that has room for two.