NY escorting girls and google car guys

NY escorting girls and google car guys

In San fransico, the escort service companies will buy Google driverless cars for escort service in San Fransico.

Acconrding to

California governor Brown came to the Googleplex in Mountain View Tuesday afternoon to sign SB 1298, a bill that “creates a legal framework and safety standards for autonomous vehicles on state roads and highways.”

from Mashable News, escort service business will use Google technology- driverless car to make short distance route to client in hotel room, housing or apartment. it could save gas, time and money under safty Google car.

Automated Vehicles carposter

Automated Vehicles carposter

Google co-founder Sergey Brin had this to say: “Self-driving cars can transform lives and communities — providing transportation to those not currently served, increasing safety on the road, reducing or eliminating congestion, and turning parking into parkland.”

Plus, of course, there are the bragging rights of being a state on the cutting edge. Jerry Brown didn’t miss a trick: “Autonomous vehicles are another example of how California’s technological leadership is turning today’s science fiction into tomorrow’s reality,” he told the crowd at Google.

How long do you think it will take all New York states to legalize the driverless car for NYC Escorts? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.

Go Daddy ad escort girls

An image from the Go Daddy ad featured at the 2013 Super Bowl, starring Danica Patrick, left, Bar Refaeli and “Walter.”

In the past, We always see sexy girls (They look like NY escort girls) on Godaddy Ads on every web page, GoDaddy ads aimed for sexy: Bar Refaeli, Danica Patrick and lots of skin.

But now GoDaddy wants to shed its sophomoric image and move away from sexually-suggestive advertising that had defined the Web domain registration and hosting company.

So move over, pretty ladies, and make way for action star Jean-Claude Van Damme.

Featuring Van Damme in a muscle shirt, posing with a variety of zany props to motivate a bakery owner to finish a big order, the first of two new commercials debuted Thursday night during the NFL season opener on NBC. The next one will be coming on Sept. 16 during the second week of Monday night football on ESPN. The campaign also includes online display advertising and social sharing elements, said chief marketing officer Barb Rechterman.

GoDaddy’s commercial featuring Jean-Claude Van Damme

“The previous advertising, honestly, was awesome to drive brand awareness,” Rechterman said. But after the company conducted market research about a year ago, it realized it had outgrown the frat-boy humor that was central to its advertising.

“What we began learning is customers really liked us and liked our edginess but they wanted us to talk to them in a bit more of a grown-up tone and manner,” Rechterman said.

GoDaddy’s rebranding targets small business owners, more than half of whom are women, so the company needed marketing that was more female-friendly. The new campaign “gives us opportunity to expand our media buying into more female demographics,” she said. GoDaddy plans to target programs like Ellen, The Today Show and others whose viewership skews female.

“It goes beyond just messaging,” Rechterman said. “We felt we wanted to go down this path because we wanted to make it abundantly clear that our mission is to … be one with the small-business owner.”

Long-time GoDaddy spokeswoman and race car driver Danica Patrick is still around, Rechterman said, but titillating ads will be replaced by ones with a more inspirational tone. And GoDaddy isn’t giving up its trademark edginess entirely. Van Damme is billed as “the ‘ass-kicker’ inside every small business owner,” according to the company.


If true, this is really weird to try that. Well, this news definitely opens some interesting avenues of using the new Touch ID fingerprint scanning feature that comes as a feature of those new Apple iPhone 5S.

It would seem that some out-of-the-box thinker in Japan found out that his new iPhone 5S could use NY Escort girls’nipple instead of his fingerprint to lock and unlock the brand spanking new smartphone. The photos below are from Japanese girls team are waiting to show the iPhone user registering their nipple and lock their phone in New York.

iPhone 5S with NY Escort Girl Nipples

iPhone 5S with NYC Escort Girl Nipples

You can use nipples and toes to unlock your iPhone 5s. Or Call 212-203-5100 Lets New York Escort girls unlock your iphone 5S by their nipples now.

National Cheeseburger Day

National Cheeseburger Day with NY Escort

Drop your kale salads! It’s National Cheeseburger Day, and Dog Haus is offering its new mini cheeseburger for free at all of its locations until 5 p.m. Wednesday.

Though there are several competing claims about who invented the first cheeseburger, one story attributes it to a fry cook in Pasadena. Circa 1926, Lionel Sternberger slapped a piece of cheese on a sizzling burger at his dad’s Rite Spot sandwich shop, and the rest is history.

Dog Haus’ cheeseburger is 2 ounces of Angus beef with grilled onion, melted white American cheese, grilled tomatoes and Haus sauce on a King’s Hawaiian bun.

Locations include two Dog Hauses in Pasadena and one in Alhambra.
105 N. Hill Ave., Pasadena, (626) 577-HAUS; 410 E. Main St., Alhambra, (626) 282-HAUS; 93 E. Green St., Pasadena, (626) 683-0808; doghausdogs.com.


No charges were filed after a man told authorities he overpaid an escort and that escort service refused to give him the change. A 911 call explained what happened at an Evansville hotel between two young men and the escort they found online.

The call made from a hotel parking lot late Monday night isn’t what many would consider an emergency. But for one man and his buddy after their evening didn’t go as planned, they called the police for help.



“There’s this page on the internet called “Backpage” and what it is escort service and sh**, you know,” the caller said.

The man admits to dispatch that he and his friend used the page to arrange a meeting between them and an escort service at a hotel on South Green River Road near the Lloyd Expressway.

“I don’t know if it’s illegal or not cause it was my first time and whatever sh** like that. It was on the internet, so I didn’t know if it was legal or not,” the caller said.

But the man certainly believes that a crime was committed inside the hotel, when he and his friend paid that escort for services rendered and they didn’t get any change back.

“I gave her almost $200 because I didn’t have no change. I said I want my money back and she said no,” the caller said. “Like the escort or whatever, she basically took all our money and she took all my money. She just basically pushed us out and she was threatening to hit us and sh**, you know?” the caller said.

Because they were pushed out, they wanted police to rush over and push their way in, and collect the amount, they said, they overpaid.

“She is still in the room. We left the room at the moment so we can show you or I can tell you the thing. We’re going back to the room right now,” the caller said in the 911 call.

There’s no word on if they got that money back. No charges have been filed.

Police departments occasionally receive some rather strange calls. One call made to the Evansville Police Department could top the list.

EPD says the call came around 10:00 p.m. last night on South Green River Rd. Officers say a man claimed to have overpaid an escort and when the man asked for his money back, she said “no.”

“Truth is stranger than fiction sometimes in a law enforcement career you will see a little bit of everything,” said Sgt. Jason Cullum of Evansville Police.

“There’s a page on the internet called ‘backpage’ and what it is, is escorts and **** you know,” said the man calling 911.

That’s something most people would not want to tell a police officer.

“It’s very rare that you get somebody that is that blatantly honest,” said Sgt. Cullum.

“I don’t know if it’s illegal or not. It was my first time or whatever and **** like that. It was on the internet so I didn’t know is it legal or not,” said the man calling 911.

“I gave her almost $200 and…because I didn’t have enough change.”

“I said ‘I want my money back,'” he added.

“She said ‘no.'”

“That doesn’t make you the victim of a crime that makes you the victim of your circumstances you created by your own actions,” said Sgt. Cullum.

So far no charges have been filed in the case. We did contact the female escort named in the report, but she refused to talk about the incident.