Sex or Massage in NYC: Which do You Prefer?

Here at NY Escorts we know that many of our clients do lead fast and hectic lives and look for that little something extra to help them relax and unwind and this is where Erotic massage New York Escorts can be of help. Here in New York you may be able to look and find some excellent spas great for massage, but if you are someone who is looking for more privacy, then this is a great place for Erotic Massage New York Escorts.These Escorts are trained masseuses and are extremely friendly and stunningly beautiful. They know exactly how to please their clients and soothe their stresses-out muscles with some erotic and sensuous massages.

Erotic Massages in New York are great if you are tired after a day of endless sightseeing or you are on a business tour, then you will definitely enjoy a sensual and erotic massage from the gorgeous Erotic Massage New York Escorts.

The skinny on these stats and more among our fellow geeky gals are beautifully represented in this infographic. Does a ratio of 6 nights of pampering to 1 night of sex work for you? The Skinny details some interesting facts on the female libido that (unfortunately?) reiterate what the world already ‘knows’ … women just aren’t that much into sex as men are. Then again, it’s also ‘known’ that chocolate is better than love making … unless your man knows what he’s doing, that is.

The Skinny on the Female Libido
The Skinny on the Female Libido

Managing your Money in January

After the Christmas holidays we know you’re watching the pennies. January seems like one very long month of outstanding payments, debts and waiting for pay day to come. However, life still goes on, regardless if you are a little financially strapped. The best and advisable thing to do is to not make too many plans in the month of January to avoid disappointment. If you are low on finances then think of other ways to socialise without having to put yourself in the red. If your relationships with your friends are strong, then they will understand your difficulties. They may even be in the same boat. New York escorts know that it is difficult for everyone at this time of year. Believing that you are the only one in your position is a little naive. Millions of people will put themselves in a financially awkward position for the new year. Overspending on presents and leaving little in the way of expenses for the first month of the year is very common. Silly as it may be, lots of people will be tighten their purse/wallet strings and avoiding lavish and unneeded spending.

Worrying about how you are still going to have social life is foolish. There is no need to get yourself in a state. If you want to see friends and family, then you still can. There is also the small matter of how you are going to afford to date the new girl in your life. Perhaps you are keen to lift those January Blues by spending an hour or two in the company of a gorgeous escort in New York? Friends and family will understand your current position, as they too probably share your financial situation. As for the lady in your life, she too should be understanding. There are ways of being able to spend time with these people without breaking the bank. Depending on your salary, plus the amount of outgoings you have, you should still have plenty of opportunity to have a happy and sociable January.

To avoid overspending by a huge amount, it may be a good idea to plan. It is easy to do and will help save you a great deal. If your new girl is keen to go out on a date, then don’t panic. There is plenty of options that allow you to enjoy a wonderful date, but within budget. Cost up how much you are able to spend on leisure and recreational activities, aside from your regular and outstanding bills. Once you’ve done this, consider how much you can spend at any one time and stick to it. That way you can try and enjoy a normal social life, without overspending on each occasion. Looking to date a New York escort? Then don’t worry if you don’t have a huge budget after paying for her company. There are a number of possibilities for dates, that won’t cost you a lot and some won’t cost you a thing.

Take your chosen girl for a wine tasting trip. If you do your homework you are sure to find a number of vineyards and wineries that are looking for tasters. With a swig, swallow or spit, you can soon be getting giddy with the heady aromas and tastes of a barrage of wines and getting to know a lot more about wine and your companion. Another choice is a ramble then a post pub visit. Sounds simple. Well that’s because it is. What could be better then a stroll in the fresh outdoors, arm in arm with a beautiful lady followed by a cheeky tipple or two. Bar the cost of 2 halves of lager shandy, this is a relatively inexpensive date option.

Other options include a bicycle picnic, freshly made and packed by you or a candlelit dinner. These alternatives to an expensive, luxury dinner out are much more impressive. In fact, when she sees the care, thought and attention you put in to providing a delicious meal, it will be dually noted. These date options are perfect for both a meeting with the lady in your life or a New York escort, but just as appropriate for the times when you want to see friends and family. Nothing has to cost the earth when you are looking to spend time with the people you care about. It just needs a little bit of careful thought and a pinch of planning and you’re sorted.


Ladies Love a Gent

Achieving popularity with the ladies may seem like a dead cert. All you need to do is behave a little rugged and mean and you’ve nailed that bad boy image that every lady loves, right? Wrong. Yes, some women do love a bad boy, but they tend to be more trouble then they are worth. Fellas, what ladies really like is a guy that has manners, is respectful and honest. Gentlemen really are the ultimate catch. All girls go through a phase, in their younger years when they want nothing more than the thrill of dating a baddy. Whether it is for the excitement, the want and need for a challenge or the belief that they can be the one to change them. New York escorts agree that a guy with a slight wild way can be instantly attractive. However, the longevity of a relationship will be tried when girls try to limit your antics. If you find yourself single again after a few months, then the likelihood is that you are doing something wrong. There are some women that don’t ask for commitment and are looking for something a bit more casual. Even so, these women deserve respect and honesty still. Going on the hunt for a woman is immediately going to give off the wrong impression. If you are looking to make an impact on a woman then make sure it’s a good one. You are going to want to woo a lady, not hinder your chances.

On a date, remember to be chivalrous. Just little things are enough, you don’t need to hark back to the days of Pride and Prejudice. Open the door for her, offer to pay for the bill; just be considerate to her and not remain single minded. Most girls these days prefer to go dutch when it comes to paying for the bill. However don’t expect this. When dating a call girl, you are expected to wine and dine her. After all, you are employing her services. Dating women is a little different. Offer to pay for lunch, dinner or drinks and if she wants to except then she will. Although if she wants to pay her way, then respect her decision. Being chivalrous, and courteous doesn’t take effort if it is genuine. The common misconception of a gentleman is that he has to be turned out in expensive clothes and a suit, have a lot of money and have a well-groomed personality to match. In part this is true, however what really makes for impressive qualities are more to do with manner and understanding.

If you want to impress a lady or a VIP New York escort then it is simple. Manners are very important. By this we mean no talking with food in your mouth, remember your pleases and thank you’s and also by not being brash or obtrusive. Dress well, wearing clean clothes, shower and wear after shave. Smelling nice is always required. You don’t have turn up in a suit or something extremely smart, just don’t rock up to a first date in your skivvies. Being polite, courteous, honest and respectful are very important too. With those, any extras are a bonus. Guys that are humorous and funny are also attractive to women. Being able to make a lady laugh is a positive. Laughter leads to relaxation and if you can make a lady feel happy and comfortable then you have done plenty to impress. Just remember, a little bit of naughtiness is enjoyable, but go too far and she will head for the door. There is only so much bad a girl can take before she walks. Combine that sparkle of cheekiness with a respectful, honest man and you’ve got yourself a winner. Try it out for size.