I am an actress in NYC

I am an actress. You might recognize me walking around New York or LA if you have a good memory for faces from B rated movies, or you may not. I am almost well connected enough to be fairly confident that I’ll get into the best club in New York on a Thursday night, but not so sure that I can say the same for LA on a Friday night. I used to be escorted everywhere by a small mob of hangers on, but since the mob never included a Moss or a Frost I still thought of myself as on the edges of making it big in this city.

New York Escorts will change all that.

In case you are wondering New York Escorts is a movie cum documentary that I have been working on for over a year now. That was around the time I was approached by the director, who had been approached by a former escort who had been approached by a number of prominent men and even a few prominent women.

New York Escorts is at its heart not some base expose though, but in fact, it is a modern day love story.

I play Karen. I say play, but I guess the more accurate reality is that for the last year I have been Karen.

In fact, when the director had met me in that West New York eaterie, he started referring to me as Karen right away.

By the end of the month I had adopted a lighter shade of blonde hair – the Karen trademark locks, I had made myself so scarce that my fickle hangers ons had moved on to sucking up to another B-lister and I mentally prepared for the most challenging role of my life. To do this I spent hour after hour talking to Karen.

She is 32 now, but when she started out on the escort scene she had been 25. She had been worth a second glance by anyone’s standards then. It was only when she had started making more in a month than most people earned in a year though, that she began to exude the kind of powerful grace and magnetism that made men who were masters in every aspect of their life pay small fortunes to be mastered by her.

Some wanted no more than to in her company. Some wanted to marry her, some hated her.

My role, that is to say the role of Karen #2, was to disappear into the world of the New York Escort, to tell the story of Karen #1 and how she feel in love with one of her clients against all odds and also to tell the story of this little know world and it’s place in New York’s hidden underworld.

I was an actress but not an actress. There was a rough script but most of the scenes in the final movie were real scenes of me spanking and cajoling with husbands, brothers, lovers and special friends of other women. Mostly, they were just in need of a little company from a beautiful woman and mostly it was harmless fun.

New York Escorts I due out soon and I am due, I suppose, some special recognition for this role. Already the word ‘award’ is being whispered in the offices of the people who make these decisions and already I am attracting a higher class of hanger-on. There are rumours brewing that one or two of the unwilling extras are going to be giving their PRs a few sleepless nights.

In a week or two I might be a face you recognize or I may not, all I know is that I have kept the lighter blonde locks and there are moments when I can’t tell where the actress playing a New York escort ends and the actress who is me begins.


Ginger New York Escorts

It was the end of December when I first met “My” New York Escort, I had booked her through Ginger New York Escorts. She was a young, cute redhead, she was an utter boffin, but was great fun and most importantly mind blowing sex.

Every red headed woman I have ever been with has been good in bed. They are so gentle and easy to please and I was in no doubt my Ginger New York Escort was going to live up to her stereo type.

She seemed to like the mirror, enjoying watching herself in action from all angles and she especially loved the view from the mirror overhead.

I sat in the bath and waited for the escort to come in, splashing her as she opened the door, she gave me a hard rubbing down for that! I tumbled on to the bed, taking off her bra as I pulled my ginger escorttowards me. She picked up the oil from the bed, rubbing first my back, then moving closer to my intimate areas. I took it upon myself to take lead of my ginger escort , filling the furrow of her buttocks with oil as i explored around her thong, occasionally making her shiver as I slithered up and down her back. i was careful not to get oil on the bed, on the other hand her thong would need a very good washing afterwards.

My ginger escort pounced on me, straddling me, imprisoning her legs between my thighs. I sucked and played with her nipples as she stretched on top of me, I could see her watching herself in the mirror – a beautiful silhouette reflection of a sexy ginger escort, I was in heaven!

It didn’t last long with her on top, she was going to make our encounter too short. As i manoeuvred to change position I could tell she was eager to play with my big hard cock. She wiggled from underneath me to get a firm hold, lustfully sucking away until she seemed frantic. on all fours is how we ended, I was grasping her from behind and thrusting away until I was sweaty and spent. What an amazing way to end the year. She had told me I was her last booking before leaving Ginger New York escorts; she had to leave New York to go abroad for two years. I slipped her my address with her payment, she said she would send me postcards from Germany but i didn’t believe she would until two months later a postcard arrives. The writing was not familiar but the words simply read, “Your Ginger Escort”.

I stuck it on my mirror and it made me smile every time I walked by, no matter what kind of bad day I was having.


My Russian Man

Walking down the street of New York, with the sun shining on my face, I was feeling unbelievable happy that I was almost skipping. It was a beautiful April afternoon, and my man was taking me shopping in the expensive district in New York. To be more precise, Mr Sidorov was my favourite client. We first met 6 months ago when he saw my profile at the New York Escorts Service, and as he told me, he fell in love with my long blonde hair and big blue eyes at first sight. And ever since then, every time he came to New York for business he would call the New York Escorts for my companion.

The best thing about being an escort girl in New York was that I could meet clients from all over the world that I felt my days were filled with variety and excitement.

Mr Sidorov ran a very successful business in Russia. I did not ask him too much detail about his business because I wanted him to unwind and forget about work when he saw me. I always tried to be very considerate and caring towards him as I wanted to be sure that I could provide him the most enjoyable and unforgettable escort service. I liked Mr Sidorov the very first time I met him. He was such a gentleman, very stylish and tasteful. His suit was immaculate, made with a blend of silk and cashmere that’s so soft to touch. The charcoal grey colour of the suit picked out the sparkle of silver bits in his hair and I particularly loved the fine lines on the corner of his dark eyes when I made him smile. He had a serious but kind face, and a broad body. I liked men with a broad body, it showed an image of power and maturity in a way.

Mr Sidorov was always very generous with me. He would take me out to romantic dinners at some Michelin starred restaurants in New York, and showered me with presents and roses. Sometimes I would get so excited with my new jewellery that I would put on a special performance for my client when we got back to the hotel room. One time I did an erotic dance for Mr Sidorov, wearing nothing but the diamond necklace, when he sat in the big leather arm chair smoking his cigar and watched. Another time I put on my expensive silky lace lingerie and performed half an hour blow job on our penthouse suite’s balcony that sent him to the top of the world. I then got so excited and horny that I came as soon as his lips touched my inner thigh. I loved his big hands too, especially when he ran his hands over my breasts and played my pink nipples with his fingers, my juices would run wild and I could not wait for him to go inside me.

I really enjoyed my job as an escort in New York. I wanted to work for the top New York Escorts agency, and the selection procedure to work for such a high profile escort agency was not easy. I was very proud of myself for making it through, most importantly I really liked my job as a high quality escort. I always looked after myself to make sure that I was in top condition with my silky long blonde hair and my beautiful body. Every inch of my skin would be hairless and I always made sure that I smelt delicious.

Now I could not wait for Mr Sidorov to surprise me with another expensive present, I knew I could pick anything in the stores and he would be more than happy to ask the sales lady to wrap it up for me straight away. I would have to pick carefully though, because it would have to be something that I could incorporate into my performance later as a thank you gesture. My body was shaking from excitement already….


Nina and i

It had always been my dream to come to work and live in New York. It occurred to me that it was the best time to leave home in East Europe to come to explore this big city when I turned 18 two years ago. Although my English wasn’t fluent, I found a job pretty much straight away. My first job in New York was working in a luxurious lingerie shop that served rich housewives and the occasional rich men. It was there I met Nina, an escort, and that was how I landed on this job working for the New York Escorts.

Nina was a regular customer in the lingerie store, always buying the sexiest lace bras and thongs. I noticed her the first time she came into the shop, she greeted warmly with the store manager with a beautiful smile. Her makeup was immaculate and her tight red dress showed off her cleavage and tiny waist. She was so warm and friendly and we became friends almost instantly. In the following 6 months, Nina would come to the store and I would go on coffee breaks with her and chatted about life and work. I learnt a lot about New York from her. One day to my surprise, she asked me if I would consider working as an escort at her agency. Before then I had never imagined myself ‘qualified’ to be an escort girl despite the fact that I had beautiful long legs, voluptuous breasts and a very pretty face. I guess the thought had never come across my mind. Nina ran her fingers over my face to feel my skin and then she moved her hand down to my breasts before she grab onto one to be sure that they were full and real. I was a little shocked, but was relieved when Nina assured me that most clients would love my sweet smile and my girlie looks. Plus I had the natural beauty of 34dd breasts and a perky round bottom. I had a few relationships and flings since I moved to New York, but nothing serious or to write home about. I was single, free, young, and feeling adventurous, so I joined New York Escorts.

My first meeting was very memorable. I was very nervous and wanted to be sure that I met the standards and expectations of being a high quality escort. The client had asked for two girls so Nina being the experienced top quality escort, decided to take me along with her. It was quite comforting to know that she was going to be there as I could learn a lot from her. Our client was a successful surgeon who just had a long day of surgery and needed to unwind with our top quality escort services. He had stood in surgery for over 12 hours and was looking exhausted when we arrived in naughty nurse outfits. Nina made us some martinis when I and the client chatted. I massaged his legs on my lap while Nina gave us a striptease performance. The atmosphere in the room all of a sudden got quite heated and so I took off my clothes and joined Nina in the dance. I could feel her breasts against mine and they were so beautiful and soft. After the dance Nina went into the bathroom to run a bubble bath while she told me to undress the client. I was delighted to uncover a big hard erection when I took off his pants and was feeling a sense of excitement in my tummy. The bath was so warm and slippery. Nina gave him a back massage first while I fed him strawberries and champagne. Then he started sucking on Nina’s nipples while I watched in anticipation. I joined in and started kissing her until I felt the surgeon’s tongue on my neck. Nina rubbed him all over with a soft sponge while he and I shared wet and passionate kisses. I moaned as he dove his hand under the water and slid between my legs to find my soft spot. I had never found myself so excited before, I moved on top of him and took him in at once. We came together in the bath while he buried his face into my breasts.

I had been working for New York Escorts since then. Occasionally I would work with Nina again when we would dress in costumes requested by the clients. I had never imagined myself being an escort in New York, but it had been an accelerating experience.


Escorts Girl

Bobbie and I connected on a level that I had never thought I would with a New York Escorts girl.

I remember the first time I met her, it was completely unplanned- but as people say, great things happen when you least expect it. It was another windy winter night in New York. I was feeling exhausted from the deadline at work. The stress level was so high that I felt a heavy pressure on my chest. I quickly walked out of the office at 11pm, a sense of loneliness washed over me. It was too late to call any of my mates for a beer, and I was not prepared to go to the bar on my own. Luckily I had kept the number of this New York Escorts service that a friend of mine highly recommended and semi-forced me to store in my Blackberry. I thought it was a bit of a laugh at the time, but who would have thought it actually came as a great surprise when I remembered I had the number stored in my phone!

So this was how I met Bobbie. She arrived a lot sooner than I expected. I saw her as soon as she walked in. I was sitting near by the entrance at the bar, sipping on my whiskey on the rocks while watching all the women coming through the door- but one woman in particular caught my full attention. She had long brown hair with blond highlights and big green eyes. She took my breath away when she took off her coat and revealed the backless figure hugging black dress underneath. She was looking so elegant and sexy at the same time. Her short dressed revealed even more of her long legs when she sat down next to me, and I could see her flawless skin on her thighs while she stroke her red heels subtly against my leg when we chatted away. It was flirtatious and intimate. We clicked straight away. She asked me about work for a little while, but all of a sudden work didn’t seem as dull and stressful anymore. We also talked about travelling and friends, and funny jokes. She was a very smart girl, and we genuinely enjoyed each other’s company. It was very enjoyable to have someone so easy to chat to and at the same time so pleasant to the eyes.

I couldn’t believe what a beautiful smile Bobbie had. After a bottle of pink champagne and a few cocktails, I decided to stay at the deluxe hotel room upstairs like I sometimes do when I get off at work too late and can’t be bothered to go home. Only this time, I had invited Bobbie to stay at the room with me. She wrapped her hand softly around my arm when we took the lift to go upstairs. The whole atmosphere was so sweet and tender. The room was very spacious, I dimmed the light and put on the music while we danced into the bathroom. We jumped into the shower together while the music played softly in the background. The steam in the bathroom accentuated the desire in the air. Her body was so warm and wet and it was pressed against mine as I felt my heart thumping in my chest. I loved the scent of her hair and the taste of her silky soft skin, I kissed her all over, she was delicious.

She ran her fingers all over my body which sent an unbelievable tingling up my spine. Her hands did magical things, and she was so tender and skilful that I was soon in an intensity of pleasure. I couldn’t work out whether it was the sweat or water, we were both wet and puffing. Bobbie stared into my eyes, smiling. I stroke her hair and smiled back.

I slept very well that night, feeling stress free and happy. New York Escorts had helped me find the right companionship and fulfilled all the needs and desire that I had ignored for too long.