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Prostitution Sting

Prostitution Sting

Twenty-two female escorts were arrested last week during a two-day sting in the Denver metro area.

The women were advertising on two websites — and, according to the FBI.

Investigators said the women used the websites to advertise for the purposes of prostitution and to verify “clients.”

All 22 escorts were arrested for prostitution-related offenses, the FBI reported.

The joint investigation involved Denver police, Aurora police, Lakewood police, the FBI, Organized Crime Coalition (C-TOCC), and the Innocence Lost Task Force.

Officials said they began the investigation into women advertising on and because of possible ties between those types of websites and human trafficking violations.

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The United States Attorney’s Office for the Middle District of Pennsylvania announced that Philadelphia-based corporations R.S. Duffy Inc. and National A-1 Advertising Inc. were sentenced today in federal court in Williamsport before United States District Court Judge Christopher C. Conner.

Judge Conner sentenced the corporations to a term of 18 months’ probation and also imposed a $1.5 million fine and $800 special assessment pursuant to the terms of a plea agreement. In addition, Judge Conner ordered the criminal forfeiture of $4.9 million in cash derived from the unlawful activity as well as forfeiture of the domain name, all of which represent property used to facilitate the commission of the offenses.



On November 22, 2011, National A-1 Advertising and R.S. Duffy pleaded guilty to a money laundering conspiracy charged in a criminal information. Judge Conner deferred acceptance of the sentence recommended by the parties in the plea agreement pending a presentence investigation and report.

According to United States Attorney Peter J. Smith, the information and the government’s factual summary disclosed that the corporate defendants operated an Internet enterprise called that facilitated interstate prostitution activities. The defendants developed and operated an Internet website, using the domain name, and created an online network for prostitutes, escort services, and others to advertise their illegal activities to consumers and users of those services.

The defendants received subscription fees and payments in the form of money orders, checks, credit card credits, and wire transfers from users of throughout the nation. The funds were the proceeds of violations of federal laws prohibiting interstate travel in aid of racketeering enterprises, specifically prostitution, and aiding and abetting such travel.

The money laundering conspiracy charge alleged that the defendants agreed to engage in monetary transactions of a value derived from those unlawful activities. The defendants created and maintained a network of Internet customer service accounts, which facilitated and caused the transfer and movement of the proceeds of the unlawful activities from locations throughout the United States, including the Middle District of Pennsylvania, to the defendants’ business operations center at 106 South 7th Street in Philadelphia and to the defendants’ accounts at financial institutions, investment funds, and financial services providers.

The case was investigated by the Pennsylvania State Police, the Federal Bureau of Investigation, and the Internal Revenue Service Criminal Investigations. Prosecution was conducted by Assistant United States Attorneys George J. Rocktashel, James T. Clancy, and Amy Phillips.

Mr. Smith noted that substantial assistance was provided by the United States Attorney’s Office for the Eastern District of Pennsylvania, Cybercrimes and Forfeiture Units and the Philadelphia Police Department.

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Truth About Sex Parties

Quick, off the top of your head, tell me: Are sex parties primarily for the pleasure of men or women in NY escort?

ny escort girls with iphone 5S

ny escort girls with iphone 5S

I’m going to go out on a limb and say that the majority of you immediately thought “men.” That’s because our culture upholds the idea that men are insatiable sex monsters and women are innocents who need to be coerced and corrupted into participating in any kind of sex, much less sex with strangers.

First of all, let’s get rid of that myth, shall we? If women are not as sexual as men, it’s only because our culture have made them that way. Physically, human women are some of the only animals in existence that can have sex whenever, wherever and for however many times they want.

Human males, on the other hand, have this pesky thing called a “refactory period.” That means that once a guy blows his load, he has to rest for a while before he can get a boner again. Women, however, can come and come and come until the cows come home.


Anyway, point being that, biologically, human females are made to have lots of sex with lots of partners. If you need any more facts to back up that statement, please stop reading this article right now and go buy Christopher Ryan’s amazing book Sex at Dawn. Warning: after reading it, you’ll find yourself talking more about monkeys than you ever imagined you would. Just roll with it.

But back to sex parties! Contrary to popular belief, good sex parties (i.e. the ones you want to go to) have an extremely female-centric focus to them. In fact, in my experience, a woman is less likely to be coerced or assaulted at a sex party than she is in her neighborhood bar and she’s more likely to end the night having had amazing, mind-blowing sex.

Why is that?

The first reason is that pesky old idea of women as the guardians of “virtue.” Even though women’s bodies want to fuck all day every day, the cultural conditioning that’s jammed into all of our heads from a very young age is really hard to fight. Even women who know that they have high libidos that maybe can’t be satisfied by one partner are often scared to admit it because that would make them a “bad girl.”

Or, in harsher terms, a slut.

The second reason has less to do with women’s cultural conditioning and more to do with men’s. While women are taught that good girls keep their legs closed for everyone but their husbands, men are taught that their main objective is to pry those legs open, by any means necessary. Women – and especially women who are viewed as sluts – are seen as property than can be used and disposed of as men see fit.

And the third reason is all about risk. Women are simply taking on more risk then men when it comes to any sex combo that involves both penises and vaginas. Women are more at risk for sexually transmitted infections from penis in vagina sex and they’re the only gender at risk of pregnancy, both of which make going into a sexual environment with multiple partners potentially really, really scary.

People who run sex parties know all of this. They know that women are taking major risks (both physical and emotional/psychological) by participating in their events. That’s why most of them take very conscious steps to make sure that women feel safe comfortable, and – most importantly – sexual. A good sex party is not a free for all. There are clear rules and regulations outlined for all of the participants, either beforehand or right as you enter the space. The most common of these are:

1. Practice safe sex.

2. Ask for consent for everything, every step of the way.

3. Don’t get wasted, on either drugs or alcohol.

4. Don’t be a creep.

5. No single guys allowed.

6. No cameras or cellphones.

7. No means no – don’t persist.

And all of that is after you’ve already been pre-screened for entry. Bet you don’t find that at your local.

These parties also have security that goes way above and beyond the bouncer at your corner pub. At the swinger parties in San Francisco’s Mission Control, for example, players in the local scene circulate just to make sure everything is running smoothly.

One player, Rusky – a 27 year-old tattooed photographer who’s deep into the local sex scene – told me that any kind of inappropriate behavior results in immediate reprimand from event staff and possible expulsion. When I asked her what kinds of things she means, she specifically cited “just standing in the corner and jacking off,” and touching without consent as two major no-nos at Mission Control.

“A lot of men are culturally taught that they can do things that are not okay and not consensual. It’s important to navigate them through that to create a safe space,” Rusky pointed out. Citing the fact that a lot of the participants in swingers events are “bridge and tunnel folks” (read: suburban) who are coming into the city for a little taste of transgression, Rusky sees the sex parties at Mission Control as a very sexy form of community education.

And it’s the type of education that I think should continue past the darkened back rooms of sex clubs and private parties. At their core, good sex parties are all about respecting women: their comfort levels, their safety, and their sexuality. Wouldn’t it be awesome if we could say the same thing about everywhere else in our society?

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Britney Spears’s new video for ‘Work Bitch’ is ridiculous, weird, sexy, and fierce as a NYC escort —and the best thing she’s done in almost a decade.

Britney Spears invited us all on a journey back in time late Tuesday night, when she debuted the music video for her club-banger of a new track, “Work Bitch.” The video is classic Britney. In a sex-dripping, fierce fashion we haven’t seen from her in years, she, quite simply, gets to work. Bitch.

Britney Spears

Britney Spears

It’s a vintage Britney video, in every absurd and amazing meaning of that label. It’s utterly nonsensical, yet tantalizing.

She’s gyrating against a white wall, flanked by female backup dancers dressed in leather. She’s gazing at herself sultrily at a vanity in the middle of a barren desert. Now the leather-clad backup dancers join her on a white platform for some floor choreography in the middle of said barren desert.

Such a sexy barren desert.

Britney then throws down some spritely choreography in what looks like an underground club. Then there’s some sensuous choreography in what looks like a different underground club. Then she wields a riding crop and whips some backup dancer who is ball-gagged and on a leash for some kinky choreography in what looks like yet another different underground club.

There are mannequins that are blown up. There is Britney Spears in a neon-pink ball gown on a lily pad cooing for the camera. This video, you see, is a lot. And we want it all.

Of course, the lyrics to “Work Bitch” are about as random as the litany of settings in the video, so this potpourri of sex and bras and BDSM and muscle cars is really just a manifestation of the hodgepodge of hotness she lists at various points in the song.

“You want a hot body?” Did you see Britney in this video? Check. “You want a Bugatti?” Look, there’s one speeding by! (Or maybe it’s a Maserati. Or a Lamborghini. Both are name-checked in the song, and—this may be surprising—the person who is writing an ode to Britney Spears right now cannot tell one from the other.) “You wanna live fancy?” She’s doing that, definitely, in this video. “Live in a big mansion?” That sex-dungeon-thing could be in a mansion, right? You get the picture.

The most important thing to point out about this ludicrously fabulous video is how Britney looks, which is just about flawless. Her body is in the best shape it’s been in about a decade. Her dancing, yes, is not what it used to be—but it’s pretty damned good. There’s a fire in her eye that we haven’t seen from Britney since the days when a new video from her—“Me Against the Music,” “Slave 4 U”—was an event.

Four years ago, a troubled Britney Spears released “Gimme More,” mumbling, “It’s Britney, bitch,” at the opening, presumably as some sort of call of empowerment that was spun into mockery as the star continued to flail. This time, she’s directing, “Now get to work, bitch.”

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Most clients like drug with NY escort girls, but they should be careful new drug, please do not touch New Drug ‘krokodil’.

Arizona doctors and law enforcement officials are warning the public about a dangerous homemade narcotic that can cause human flesh to quickly decay and drastically reduce users’ life expectancy after the drug surfaced in the US state.

Desomorphine, known in Russia as “krokodil,” or crocodile, is an  extremely toxic drug made from codeine-based pills that are then  mixed with iodine, paint thinner, gasoline, alcohol or oil. The  concoction is injected, leading to a shorter but more powerful  high that’s often found with heroin or morphine use.
While krokodil’s popularity quickly grew in Russia in the recent  decade, as heroin is much more expensive and difficult to obtain,  experts think it has made it to the southwestern United States.
“We’ve had two cases this past week that have occurred in  Arizona,” Dr. Frank LoVecchio, the co-medical director at  Banner’s Poison Control Center, told KLTV. “As far as I know,  these are the first cases in the United States that are reported.  So we’re extremely frightened.”
The drug is known for being heavily addictive, with just one or  two injections needed to get someone hooked, as well as for its  dire side effects.

krokodil russian flesh eating drug

krokodil russian flesh eating drug

With krokodil, users’ skin rots from the inside out, and they  develop what is known as alligator skin, complete with visible  scaly contusions. Long-time krokodil users literally have their  skin fall off the bone due to ruptured blood vessels and damage  to the surrounding tissues.

Irreversible damage to a krokodil addict’s health comes within a  month of starting to use the drug, as the brain and liver also  start to rot, and the limbs become paralyzed. A user’s average  life expectancy does not exceed two to three years.

RIA Novosti / Oleg Zoloto

RIA Novosti / Oleg Zoloto

According to Russian anti-drug activist Yevgeny Roizman, who was  earlier this month elected mayor of Yekaterinburg, krokodil is  now one of Russia’s top homemade drugs.

A controversial public figure, Roizman has for years campaigned  for a ban on the unlimited distribution in Russian drugstores of  codeine-based pills, which he says are widely used by dealers and  addicts to make krokodil. The founder of the City Without Drugs  and Country Without Drugs NGOs, Roizman has described horrific  cases of krokodil use in his blog, saying that for many  young Russians it becomes “the first and the last” drug.

The director of Russia’s Federal Drug Control Service, Viktor  Ivanov, has admitted that the surge in desomorphine use across  Russia correlated with the sharp increase of drugs containing  codeine in drugstores. A legal ban on the non-prescription sale  of such drugs in Russia came into force in 2012.

According to figures from Russia’s Bureau of Forensic Medical  Examination, cited by Country Without Drugs, deaths in Russia  from drug overdoses in 2012 rose by 20 percent. In total, some  150,000 Russians died from drug use last year, according to  Ivanov, the Drug Control Service chief. Ivanov has estimated that  in some regions of the country 90 percent of registered drug  addicts use krokodil.

The use and preparation of krokodil has been spreading to  countries neighboring Russia and farther into Europe, according  to various media reports. In December 2011, Poland’s Medical  University of Silesia reported at least one death from krokodil  use in Warsaw, and also said cases of the drug being used had  been confirmed in Germany, the Czech Republic, Ukraine, France,  Belgium, Sweden and Norway.

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