Ling is a cute Chinese girl. She came from Hong Kong. For a high level life, she came to USA for fun and money. She bring some good wish to New York City. She tried to chase a quick money, so she join many agencies for escort service, because no one wanna work in one business for a little money. Therefore, many agencies give her more customers and more money, but she does not have more hours for herself, beause every agency call your cellphone, you have to pick up a call every time, such as sleeping, eating… Because the agencies don’t have any girls for customers, they could be choose you at the first time. However, she is so busy, but she got some days for break because of girl period. At the break time, she have two boy-friends, and met them everyday. As a call girl, she spend a lot of money on her boy-friends, such as iphone5, ipad, Apple TV, and Amani jacket. You could ask how about her two boyfriends, they are escort business owners, however, they could get some money on the escort business, but their money are not more than Ling.

In my opinions, Ling should leave her job, and getting a new life and a new boyfriend which is not related escort service. Ling could thought this life, but she still need more money for her furture life. She told me that she enjoy two boyfriends’ life and just kind of friendship, they will not be her husband.

I just say what is fucking life for money. I will wrote part 2. Please wait.