Google Maps for Escorts is a great way to shortcut to the top – but the road to get there is tricky and always changes. Google Places for Escorts is one of the most inconsistent result sets you will see, because it doesn’t follow the usual patterns seen. The area is subject to a lot of spam, as competitors fight tooth and nail to use any means necessary to get to the top. Recently, brand new listings that don’t even have a website have started appearing at the top of the listings; the listings are also subject to a lot of spam review abuse. Competitors will leave negative reviews for each other, and fake positive reviews for their own listing. So the question is – what do you if you an escort wanting to use Google Maps / Google Places for your escort business?

Firstly – you need a location that is truly your own. Getting your listing verified by Google will involve them sending a postcard to the address you claim, so you can’t fake it. Once you have a verified listing, it needs to be a complete, accurate listing containing comprehensive information, including any photos or videos you have – BUT do not include any adult images or videos, as this will get your reported for abuse and your listing suspended.

Optimizing the listing then takes a lot of work. Citations are necessary to get your business listed in literally hundreds of local business directories; natural reviews from customers will also help get you traction. Many companies turn to fake reviews, but you should keep in mind that Google is smart. It can detect reviews coming from the same IP, and soon they will be implementing software that recognizes the format of a fake review against real reviews. So the best thing you can do is try and get REAL reviews from your clients.

But the best thing you can do is target top rankings with both natural SEO and Google Maps/Places optimization. Hitting it from every angle means you have more opportunities for rankings and business. At EscortZoom, we always optimize for both the natural organic listings and the map listings, and our results speak for themselves. Contact us now using the form on the right so we can save you the hassle of trying to do it yourself! We’re the experts, we’re here to help.