One year ago, there is no Asian escort website on Google first page and no Asian Escort showed up on Google Map, but there are a lot of Asian escort service website on top 10 page of Google when you try to type “ny escort” or “escorts in ny” on Google.

Google Asian SEOers

Asian escort website – Google Asian SEOers

Why are there a punch of Asian escort service website on Google?

There are a lot of reasons to tell you why a lot of business owners put a lot of money on Google for adult business in New York. Also there are a lot of customers use their mobile device or laptop to find some fun at night.

1. There are a lot of business owners changed mind on type of advertising for adult business in New York. A few years ago, no too much business owners want to spend money on website, because they thought that internet is virtual media, we can not touch them. Also, everyone has more than three computers nowadays, such Iphone, Ipad, desktop, laptop, notebook. Therefore, using internet to seek a hooker is better than newspaper.

2.  Escort service is illegal in New York,  and there are a lot of website design companies can not do any website and promote escort website in USA.  Therefore, some smart Asian website designers did a good sells on Asian escort business. They are using cheap rate to help Asian Escort business owners on Google SEO. Therefore, Asian escort business owner got a chance on Google high rank.

3. NO one want to spend a lot money on Google SEO because SEOers could tell you that you have to keep give me thousand dollars monthly, they can not guarantee how many months your Asian escort website boost up on Google 1st page.  Some escort business owners can not pay more money on vague business adverting.

For these three good reasons why Asian escort website showed up on Google first page, primary reasons: new marketing, cheap Asian SEOers, More money on American SEOers.  As a blogger,  it is amazing to tell everyone Made in China everywhere.  Lol.