A court in New York is set to rule later on Monday in the sex scandal case involving the former head of the International Monetary Fund, that could see the long-running legal saga reach its conclusion.

The Bronx Supreme Court has ordered Dominique Strauss-Kahn’s accuser to appear “if the action is settled”. He is unlikely to be there but lawyers for both sides are thought to have reached a deal.

Last month, Strauss-Kahn’s team denied reports that he had agreed to pay six million dollars (4.6m euros) to Nafissatou Diallo.

The former chambermaid, who alleges Strauss-Kahn sexually assaulted her in a New York hotel, filed a civil lawsuit after criminal charges were dropped.

The ex-IMF chief has always insisted the encounter was consensual.

“I don’t know how much the settlement will be, but I think in this case it will seem high, even very high, to people outside the United States. But are we talking about six million dollars, ten million dollars, one million dollars or some other amount? It’s absolutely impossible for me to say,” said Christopher Mesnooh, lawyer and partner at Field Fisher Waterhouse.

A deal in New York would not see the end of Strauss-Kahn’s legal woes. He is also linked to a suspected prostitution ring at a hotel in Lille in northern France and is under formal investigation.

His lawyers want the case thrown out. A French court decision is due on December 19.