Kaya is a New York escort owner.

A half year age, she is a hooker and working for every business owner for New York escorts business, Such as Saft New York Escort Agency Bojkot. For NY escort girl, she get more than $20,000 cash every month without Tax. Therefore, it is kind of annual salary of regular job. But she want to learn how to build up escort business as a business owner. She made advertising on World Journal ( Chinese newspaper in New York) for hiring website designer, SEOer and online marketing people, so she found out Mr. Cao who is a 24 year old chinese student,  Kaya do not want to pay so much money on website and website SEO, so she share profit in a partnership with Mr. Cao. She can learn how to post some escort business info. on Backpage and Craigslist, how to promote website on Youtube, how to build up more links on her more than ten websites, how to create local business on Google Map. As an hooker, she could be a genius of New York escort service because she do not know how to speak and write English when she came to The United States.

Unfortunately, some business owners know she found a small escort business, and she hired a phone operator and website marketing people. Therefore, most business owners do not send any customers to Kaya or hire her because she is a business owner now.

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