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It is depending on whether she is working in a customer of a car or a $ 500 a night hotel room. In 1999, I began to research the impact of white-collar workers live in New York Metro.

The demand for high-end entertainment, cooking, health products change the economic situation in the big city. In this process, “dating” massage “reception” “Dance” instead of the previous buzz as well as the pressure of the road. A luxury born.

From changing of luxury, NY escort service is more expensive then before in New York.  NY Escort  rate increases in a few year, and changing promote the development of the sex industry  Previous men sneaking tryst, and now they no scruples to find a little love children, “To get a good feeling and back the feeling of a little love, and whom they are willing to pay expensive rate for choosing the best escort service in New York.

Three female artists

Three female artists

Technology have played an integral role in this transformation. A weight of urban men do not roll down the window, waiting for traffic lights stuck his head out to look for a woman to field a one-night stand. The people try to use the Internet and mobile phones to find some sex workers or escort service in a more professional manner. NY Escort provider put call girls’ photos and price tag on the their escort website, and it is unlike in call business, because most people avoid some of the pimps, madams, and others will be drawn into the intermediary. Business risk is getting smaller and smaller, more and more profits, tax-free. Therefore, for making a fast money, Escort service business has attracted some of the middle class ladies in New York.