This Asian couple was allegedly having wild sex in the window of their 5th floor apartment and as things got heated, they lost balance and fell to their deaths. For the windows has a problem on quality, so the couple made love so strongly and the windows was broken.

Recently, a netizen revealed that because the weather is so hot in NY, it led to a couple broadcasting a “romance action film” [having sex] by the window to keep cool. Unfortunately, these two guys didn’t seem to notice the window was of poor quality in their moment of pleasure. Just as they were in the throes of passion, the window suddenly broke and the two of them falling out the building and died, leading to an irreversible tragedy. However, the source and authenticity of this incident has yet to be verified.

According to the netizen, it seems the couple didn’t notice the windows were in poor condition in their moment of pleasure. Just as the female climaxed and involuntarily arched her back, the windows broke, and she lost balance. With the two of them holding each other tight, they fell out of the building.

A netizen sighed that all sorts of bizarre things happen when the weather is hot.

naked NY Asian Escort couple wild sex

naked NY Asian Escort couple wild sex

The name of couple are dead, naked Asian bodies in front of the apartment building – how awesome is that? Looks like the dude took out street lamp on his way down. Hopefully they died happy.

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